Website Development of Global Education Consultant

In the realm of education and visa processing, establishing a robust online presence is paramount. TIKMERK IT embarked on a transformative journey by developing a corporate website for Global Education Consultant (GEC), a visa processing consultancy with a comprehensive array of services, including visa processing for various categories and English Language Training for students.

Purpose of the Website: The core objective of GEC’s website was to serve as a digital gateway, effectively presenting the consultancy’s business portfolio, essential information, and innovative ideas. TIKMERK IT aimed to create a user-friendly platform that would not only showcase the diverse visa services offered by GEC but also highlight their commitment to providing English Language Training for aspiring students.

Timeline for Completion: Highlighting efficiency and dedication, TIKMERK IT successfully completed the development of GEC’s corporate website within a month. This timely delivery underscored the agency’s commitment to providing prompt and quality digital solutions.

Special Functionalities: While designed as a basic corporate website, TIKMERK IT elevated the user experience by incorporating several key functionalities. The addition of booking features allowed potential clients to schedule appointments seamlessly. The integration of an education management system facilitated streamlined processes for GEC, and the inclusion of quiz functionalities enhanced user engagement. Additionally, a user-friendly contact form and responsive design were implemented to ensure accessibility across various devices.

Challenges Faced: One notable challenge encountered during the development of GEC’s website was a lack of information. Given the dynamic nature of visa processing and education consulting, obtaining accurate and comprehensive details posed a hurdle.

Overcoming Challenges: To address the challenge of information scarcity, TIKMERK IT took an initiative to gather the required data independently. By engaging with GEC and leveraging its own research capabilities, the development team successfully compiled the necessary information, ensuring the website’s content was informative and accurate.

In conclusion, the collaboration between TIKMERK IT and Global Education Consultant resulted in the creation of a dynamic and functional corporate website. The inclusion of booking, education management, and quiz functionalities demonstrated TIKMERK IT’s commitment to providing innovative solutions. Overcoming the challenge of information scarcity highlighted the agency’s proactive approach and resourcefulness. This project stands as a testament to TIKMERK IT’s capability to craft tailored digital solutions that effectively showcase the diverse services of educational consultancies in an ever-evolving online landscape.

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