Senior Graphics Designer

Md Arif Hossain

Md Arif Hossain brings extensive expertise as the Senior Graphics Designer at TIKMERK IT, boasting over 6 years of proficiency in all aspects of graphics design. His comprehensive skill set covers a wide range of design disciplines, from branding and logo creation to marketing materials and user interface design. Arif’s mastery of various graphics designing tools and software enables him to produce captivating visuals that align with clients’ visions and objectives.

In addition to his design prowess, Arif has cultivated digital marketing skills, allowing him to create compelling graphics optimized for online engagement and brand promotion. With a keen eye for aesthetics and a strategic mindset, Arif plays a vital role in elevating TIKMERK IT’s creative output and digital presence.

“Bringing ideas to life through captivating visuals that inspire and resonate.”

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